Offering instruction in

the east valley, AZ

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© 2018 CMBYoga


Experience yoga the way it was meant to be...


teacher to student

Through observance and thoughtful guidance,

I help to give you exactly what you need


Why private yoga?

 Your time and energy are limited and you have a spread schedule

You deserve the focused attention of a skilled teacher

You have limitations or injuries that make group classes intimidating

You want to better understand your body as you work towards your goals

My students are curious & busy individuals who seek

focus, grounding, and balance.

I know you will find what you need, even if you don't know yourself!


"All I knew was that I needed to strengthen my core and get my body back in shape...

Childcare is no problem. She is gracious and happy to adjust to my newborn and toddler...

I had no idea what I needed to work on but she knew. Her level of expertise is beyond words I can describe.

Colleen has a calming and warm-hearted personality that makes her very easy to work with! I honestly look forward to every session!" 

- Sandy, working mom 

"I absolutely love our sessions. She is very knowledgeable with her instruction and tailors each session to my wants and needs...

If I am training for a specific event, she will have me strengthen the parts of my body that I will use...

My favorite thing is how she makes thoughtful suggestions to improve my experience in each pose...

I feel I have made great improvement!"

- Debbie, active retiree

"Colleen is my favorite instructor where I have been practicing. I like her unique approach and focus...

I had a serious knee injury and she helped get me back into the yoga routine and supplement my PT without causing further injury. The result has been great!

Each week Colleen does research to target what I need to improve and  educates me on what I need to exclude to avoid injury...  


I feel we have a true partnership with excellent communication. I can’t thank her enough."

                         - Gary, active husband

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