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A unique journey 

Hello and welcome to my story! 


My first yoga class

did not hook me.

In fact, it was the opposite. I walked away feeling bored and uninspired. I was convinced I needed to stick to high-intensity workouts that would leave me gasping for breath! 

But about a year later, I found myself amidst a confusing time when a long-term relationship came to a close.


I was incredibly heartbroken.


My chest hurt. My mind would constantly race from one past memory to the next... to my uncertain future and back again. And the questions - so many questions.





I'm here to help!

A dear friend had just completed her yoga training and

started offering classes in her home. I attended, mostly to support her journey. But then, I began to notice how at peace I felt during class, which was so unexpected!

That hour was the only time  my mind was still.


I treasured that feeling, and I was officially hooked! I began to crave that silence and clarity in my mind more and more. Thus, my regular practice launched from this craving.

In my classes, I encourage each student to be incredibly mindful and aware of his or her experience.


I facilitate slower, more controlled movements to achieve a state in which one's awareness and skills are matched equally. And...

I can't wait to share this meaningful work with you.

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